Our office has been operating for almost 30 years, currently as a company represented by Agnieszka Leśniewska - License No. 24095/01 of the Ministry of Finance for bookkeeping service.

We have a team of several persons professionally trained accountants. We provide full service - accounting and tax - for about 100 entities of different sizes and business profile. We know the characteristics of many forms of organisation, our clients are not only from business operators, but also associations, foundations, medical entities.

Thanks to the optimal use of resources and experience we can provide you with an offer that can compete with more than one offer of a different accounting office or a single person job offer. The proposed service would consist of the following:

  • Development of accounting policies,
  • Preparation of chart of accounts,
  • Sales invoicing and preparing sales VAT evidence;
  • Keeping warehouse evidence,
  • Qualification, attribution and accounting documents,
  • Keeping settlements with customers, records of assets,
  • Setting the financial result and making tax declarations (CIT),
  • Keeping VAT evidences of purchases and sales, calculating VAT and preparation of VAT declarations, EU VAT,
  • Preparation of annual financial statements together with the valuation of assets and liabilities,
  • Preparation of monthly report covering the profit and loss account, balance sheet,
  • Computation of payroll,
  • Keeping records of wages and personal files,
  • Calculation of income tax from wages,
  • Submit a report on the amount of income tax (PIT 4R),
  • Calculation of social security contributions and making declarations of reporting and billing ZUS
  • Representation the customer during Social Security checks,
  • Making a declaration of PIT-11 and other tax,
  • Preparation of reports for Statistical Office.

By implementing the service, we become our client's chief accountant, and professional experience and commitment of our partners provides high quality and standard of accounting services. This gives a basis for decision to be made by the owners, external investors (banks, lenders, creditors) etc.

The proposed monthly rate for accounting services, and personnel and payroll depends directly on the number of accounting documents, the diversity of commercial operations and the number and employee turnover.

If you are interested in cooperation with us, please do not hesitate to contact us. If you let us know your conditions we will be able to prepare our offer specifically for you.